2023 Meet the Experts

Meet the Experts

Drop in and meet the EWE experts on Level 3 of the Convention Center – winemakers, consultants, product managers, cider makers, academics, vineyard managers, and more. All are past or present EWE Speakers and they will be available to answer your questions. Click on the photos for Speaker biographies; scroll down for the Schedule. No appointment needed, just swing by and chat.

Andrew Adams
Eric Aellen
Martin Bucknavage
Stephen Casscles
Dr. Lawrence R. Coia
Robert Crandell
Steve DiFrancesco
Anne Flesch
Tyler Franzen
Gary He
Cain Hickey, PhD
Caitlin Horton
Molly Kelly
Greg La Follette
Lucie Morton
Maria Peterson
Phil Plummer
James Roblee
Aaron Roisen
Charlotte Shelton
Chuck Shelton
Libby Spencer
Chris Stamp
Justin Taylor
Joy Ting


11:25 am
Molly Kelly, Extension Enologist, Penn State
Greg La Follette, Winemaker and Partner, Marchelle Wines

12:30 pm
Maria Peterson, Filtration Specialist, Scott Labs

2:35 pm
Steve DiFrancesco, Independent Winemaker & Consultant
Tyler Franzen, East Coast Technical Rep, Fermentis
Phil Plummer, Head Winemaker, Montezuma Winery
Aaron Roisen, Winemaker, Three Brothers Wineries & Estates

3:45 pm
Charlotte Shelton, Owner, Albemarle Cider Works
Chuck Shelton, Cidermaker, Albemarle Cider Works
Chris Stamp, Winemaker, Lakewood Vineyards



10:25 am
Caitlin Horton, Winemaker, Horton Vineyards
Lucie Morton, Viticulturist, Lucie Morton Viticulture

11:55 am
Martin Bucknavage, Sr. Food Safety Extension Associate, Penn State
Tyler Franzen, East Coast Technical Rep, Fermentis
Libby Spencer, Sales Manager, Enartis
Justin Taylor, Winemaker, Parker-Binns Winery

3:00 pm
Andrew Adams, Editor, Wine Analytics Report

3:30 pm
Rob Crandell, Regional Manager, Tonnellerie Radoux
Stephen Casscles, Winemaker, Hudson-Chatham Winery / Owner, Cedar Cliff Vineyard

4:50 pm
Anne Flesch, Technical Sales Support Manager, Fermentis
James Roblee, Technical Specialist, ATP Group/ Fermentis



9:20 am
Gary He, Product Marketing Manager, Thermofisher Scientific
Cain Hickey, Viticulture Extension Educator, Penn State

10:30 am
Eric Aellen, Vineyard Manager, Linganore Cellars
Joy Ting, Research Enologist and Extension Coordinator, Virginia Winemakers Research Exchange

11:45 am
Cain Hickey, Viticulture Extension Educator, Penn State

12:00 pm
Eric Aellen, Vineyard Manager, Linganore Cellars
Larry Coia, Owner & Manager, Coia Vineyards / Co-Owner, Bellview Winery