2022 Eastern Winery Exposition | Speakers

2022 Conference & Workshop Speakers

The 2023 Speaker roster is in the works. Here’s a look at who spoke in 2022. The 2023 details will be posted in September.

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Eric Aellen
Thomas Bachelder
Ernest “Bubba” Beasley IV
Peter Bell Photo
Peter Bell
Tim Benedict
Mike Beneduce
Anthony “Jay” Borzillo III, CPA
Stephen Casscles
Katie Cook
Corry Craighill
Robert Crandell
Carlo DeVito
Steve DiFrancesco
David Falchek, Moderator
Matt Falenski
Dr. Joseph A. Fiola
Marc Fuchs, PhD
David Gadoury
Miguel I. Gómez, PhD
Photo of Barry Gump Ph.D.
Barry H. Gump, PhD
Morten Hallgren
Ken Hardcastle
Molly Kelly
Scott Kuyon
Ed Lutjens
Frederick T. Merwarth
Tom Payette
Maria Peterson
Phil Plummer
Andrew Reynolds, PhD
Joyce Rigby
Dominic Rivard
Jennifer Phillips Russo
Georg Schweitzer
Singh Photo
Vijay Singh, PhD
Chris Stamp
Joy Ting
Sam Vinakor Photo
Samuel Weiner
Christine Vrooman
Dr. Yuri Zambon
John Cifelli