Tom Payette

Winemaker & Winemaking Consultant

Tom is a winemaking consultant with a degree in Food Science Technology from Virginia Tech.  Tom began consulting in 1988 and in 2000 became a full-time consulting winemaker. He has consulted on 25+ vintages on the East coast as well as assisting for eight vintages in the Napa Valley. Tom knows winemaking challenges and how to overcome them. He is an expert in avoiding costly pitfalls, nurturing new winemakers and assisting new winery start-ups from concept to construction to cork, and onward to the consumer. He knows wine is made in the vineyard, not overnight in the cellar with a magic wand. With an in-depth understanding of plumbing, electrical, cooling, mechanical, production space needs, and tasting room flow, Tom has set up more than 42 wineries to date and has expanded numerous others. He can be contacted at