Tim Hanni, MW

Author, Innovator and Researcher

Tim is an innovator, researcher, renegade and relentless crusader against wine snobbery. He was dubbed the Wine Anti-Snob by the Wall Street Journal for his pioneering work to eliminate wine myths and misunderstandings about wine so all wine consumers have a stronger voice and easier means to enjoy the wines they love. At the heart of this crusade is a quest to find the fundamental elements that shape our taste preferences, and to understand, embrace, and cultivate the interest of all wine consumers, not just a select few.

One of the first two Americans to earn the title of Master of Wine, Tim is also a professionally trained chef, and international consultant to the wine industry. He is the author of Why You Like the Wines You Like; Changing the Way the World Thinks About Wine. This paradigm-changing book focuses on expanding wine enjoyment by understanding the factors that influence personal wine preferences. A former guru of wine and food-pairing Hanni now promotes his principles of Flavor Balancing and a movement to pairing wines to the diner, not the dinner. His new book, The Sweet Wine Lovers Manifesto: Ending the Tyranny of the Dry Wine Fashionistas, is now available.

Hanni continues to research on understanding the physiology and neuroscience that determine consumer beverage preferences and buying behavior, engineered in cooperation with noted Cornell University researcher Dr. Virginia Utermohlen, MD. Based on this research he has formed eCode.me LLC and the wine consumer profiling technologymyVinotype.com with a new wine app scheduled for release in November 2016. He also teaches international wine business for wine professionals, offering online courses through the Napa Valley Wine Academy.