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EWE is your show. We value your ideas, suggestions, and feedback. Are you interested in co-locating your meeting or involving your association with EWE? Would you like to see something added to the agenda? Please reach out and share your thoughts with us. We welcome your comments.

“EWE was a Great show as always. Kudos to you and your team.”
-Tina Lemley, Niagra Label

The Eastern Winery Exposition Team

Laura Lemos
Exhibit & Sponsorship Sales
Phone: 973-668-2449
Email: laura@easternwineryexposition.com

Contact Laura for assistance in booking exhibit space and sponsorship opportunities.

Danielle Robb
Wine Business Events Director
Phone: 313-443-7693
Email: danielle@winebusiness.com
Danielle’s primary EWE focus is on operations inside the exhibit hall, including exhibitor resources and logistics. Contact her with any questions about your purchased exhibit space or sponsorship. 

Marcia Gulino
EWE Operations Director
Phone: 401-780-0721
Email: marcia@easternwineryexposition.com
Marcia manages event operations outside the exhibit hall, including conference, registration & associations. Contact her with any questions about hotels or registration. 

Richard Leahy
Conference Program Director
Phone: 434-825-9061
Email: richard@easternwineryexposition.com
Richard is a renowned eastern wine expert responsible for the conference program and speakers. Contact him regarding the conference program.

Katie Hannan
Marketing Specialist
Phone: 770-714-9409
Email: khannan@winebusiness.com
Katie manages marketing and promotion for EWE and all Wine Business events. 


License to Steal Wine Marketing Conference

Donniella Winchell
LTS Conference Program Manager
Phone: 440-466-4417
Email: dwinchell@ohiowines.org
Contact Donnie with any questions you have regarding the LTS program.

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