Photo of Tremain Hatch

Tremain Hatch

Viticulture Research & Extension Associate

Tremain is the viticulture research and extension associate at Virginia Tech and has served in this capacity since 2010. Within this role he generates and delivers innovative research to Virginia grape growers. Tremain is responsible for developing programs and outreach for new and experienced grape farmers in Virginia’s growing wine industry. His current research focuses on vineyard cost flow projections, evaluation of protective culture in vineyards, and vineyard fertilizer programs. Tremain finished an MSc in Horticulture at Virginia Tech in 2010. He competed vineyard and winery practicums in Italy (2006), New Zealand (2009) and Virginia (2007 & 2010) and completed an MBA at Shenandoah University (2017). Tremain is a third generation farmer and has helped transition the family farm in Loudoun County from dairy production to direct to consumer sales of pastured beef/lamb, and wine.