Singh Photo

Vijay Singh, PhD

Biotech Scientist & Owner

With a PhD in Biochemical Engineering, Vijay spent most of his career developing processes to manufacture pharmaceuticals using fermentation. In 1996 he developed a novel way of culturing cells in disposable bags and founded the company Wave Biotech to manufacture and market this device known as the Wave Bioreactor. In 2013 he discovered winemaking, and took the UC Davis courses, but wanted to apply his chemical engineering and disposable technology background to winemaking. This resulted in a novel device that makes winemaking easy, requires almost no water, minimal labor and little investment. In 2014 he set up a commercial winery, Sky Acres Winery, to test and develop the winemaking machine now named the GOfermentor. The winery has won numerous awards over the last three years. In 2017 the commercial manufacture and sale of the GOfermentor began and in 2019 a home/microvinification version was introduced. Vijay has over 20 patents in diverse fields ranging from winemaking, biotechnology, gunsights, hydroponics and mixing.

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