Jackie Dresser

Former Research Technician

Jackie got an unlikely start in the precision viticulture world, cutting her teeth on deed research and retracing the steps of her father, and land surveyors before him, throughout the Finger Lakes region. She began her formal apprenticeship in professional land surveying at age 15 and received an intermediate professional license at age 21, concurrently rooting herself in the ethos of the trade. A reverence for precision, repeatability and accountability has served as a guidepost on her journey through the wine industry to academic research. Presently, Jackie devotes her energy to the Efficient Vineyard USDA-NIFA-SCRI project led by Dr. Terry Bates at Cornell University. Jackie coordinates research trials in commercial vineyards in the Lake Erie AVA that focus on refining yield estimation techniques by accommodating for spatial variation in productivity as well as developing, testing and evaluating technologies and protocols that facilitate variable rate soil, canopy and crop management.