Jeffrey Ryzner Photo

Jeffrey Ryznar

Jeffrey Ryznar, founder and current President of 898 Marketing, is a marketer, speaker and digital guru known for his engaging and proven approaches to empowering brands to embrace the possibilities of what marketing plans and customized branding solutions can do for local, national and global levels for over 15 years.

898 Marketing is a strategic marketing and creative agency delivering accountable business development campaigns with a relentless commitment to brand growth and digital innovation, which he started in 2014.  The company has proven that customized strategic marketing plans incorporating traditional, video, digital, mobile and social tactics do not have to be costly for small and medium-size businesses to be effective.  With a client base of over 25 clients, 898 Marketing has grown from a small consultancy, to one of the fastest growing agencies in the Midwest built on accountability and a culture that embraces service and a relentless commitment to doing what is right for their clients while thinking differently.  He also is partner in Work Unfiltered, a leadership, negotiation and sales training organization that helps Fortune 500 companies and delivers keynote speeches to return the humanity to how companies work.  Jeff is highly involved in the community, serving on several Board of Directors in his community, is an advisor to several University Marketing programs and content contributor to several publications.