2022 Eastern Winery Exposition | Show Specials

Show Specials 2022

Exclusive Offers Designed to Save You Time and Money at the 2022 Eastern Winery Exposition:

(Booth 316) is offering free shipping on all new orders for bag-in-box and pouch filling machines through the end of March 2022.”  
Blue Label Packaging Co. (Booth 925) 
We will have a raffle for: 
• 1st place:  $500 off of first order 
• 2nd place: $250 off of first order
• 3rd place: $100 off of first order 
Visit the Blue Label booth to drop your business card or fill out a card to submit for a raffle and a chance to win the prizes listed above. 
Collinwood Grape & Grape Juice Co. (Booths 425 / 520) 
“Collinwood Grape Co. & Malbec Supplies offer lots of Premium BULK WINE.  We will be offering special show pricing for the following.”
• 2021 Red Blend A $9.50/Gal 1120Gal
• 2021 Red Blend B $9.00/Gal 1120Gal
• 2020 Tempranillo Lodi, CA $11.00/Gal 1120Gal 
Cru Bottling Systems (Booth 236) 
Cru Systems will be taking 10% off all Labeling Machine orders placed at the show.
Defranceschi SACMI USA (Booth 707) 
Defranceschi is offering a show only discount of 15% off current prices for presses to be delivered in 2023.  Requires 10% down payment by April 30th. Inquire at Booth 707.
Drake Refrigeration (Booth 717) 
Drake Chillers offers high-quality, durable chillers with tight temperature control, year-round processing, and capacity control, but today we want to provide you with something more: Save $500 on chiller units 6 – 23 tons or Save $1000 on chiller units 24 – 200+ tons, other discounts available on smaller units but units must be under contract by 5/31/2022.
Eastern Winemaking Solutions
(Booth 433) 
We will be offering 10% off on all orders of European made Allvar stainless steel tanks. 
Greenleaf Technologies, Inc.(Booth 926) 
Greenleaf Technologies is offering a 40% discount on all Albuz nozzles at the show.  Albuz, ceramic nozzles used worldwide are manufactured for high pressure spraying in orchard, vineyard, and vegetable applications
Imbibe Solutions (Booth 1104) 
Imbibe Solutions will be offering the following show deal:
5% off our customizable Lab Management Program.
Kendall Farms (Booth, 223) 
Stop by the Kendall Farms booth, # 223, to try your luck at the Grape Toss Game for a chance to win prizes. One lucky winner will receive a $100 voucher for this year’s harvest order. 
Lt. Blender & Cocktail in a Bag (Booth 924) 
We have 2 specials:
• For new customers, we offer 5 cases of our Cocktails and Wine Freezer for the price of 4!
• For our returning customers, we offer “Baker’s Dozen”: 13 cases for the price of 12. 
Label Aid Inc. (Booth 107) 
“New customers, add luxury to your wine label with FREE Foil Hot Stamping. Visit Label Aid at Booth #107 to learn more.”
MAS H-2A (Booth 220) 
másLabor is pleased to extend an Eastern Winery Exposition special for the 2022 show for any new client. Use the promotional code “EWE22” when enrolling for $350 off your first H-2A application.  
NADALIE USA (Booth 429) 
Nadalié  USA is offering  special pricing on French, American, and Eastern European oak barrels during the Eastern Winery Expo. Visit Mark at booth 429 for details or email him at mevich@nadalie.com to place your order.
Niagara Scientific Products/Precision Scale & Balance (Booth 115) 
Visit Precision Scale & Balance / Niagara Scientific Products at Booth 115 to be entered to win $100 off any order! This offer is valid on any of our calibration services as well as any purchase of equipment, chemicals, or other laboratory products.
OESCO (Booth 312) 
OESCO Show Special = We will be offering all hand tools at 10% off at the show  
Onset – HOBO Data Loggers (Booth 618) 
Be sure to visit Onset HOBO Data Loggers in Booth #618 and enter our raffle for a free HOBO MX2301A data logger! This award-winning logger features a built-in temp/RH sensor and Bluetooth technology for easy wireless setup and data offload with Onset’s free HOBOconnect app – great for monitoring storage or growing conditions throughout your vineyard!
Prestige Merchandising (Booth 1125) 
No set up charge and next column pricing on Laser Etching through May 2022!
PrinTech Label Corporation (Booth 232) 
Free Design Hour with every $ 1000.00 spent on first order!
We will be offering free shipping on orders places at the trade show
Stix Alternatives (Booth 834) 
We will be offering free shipping on orders placed at the trade show.
Manufactures at:
Peter DeVivi Productions Inc.
Of…Winestix.com, Beerstix, Charstix,Tapertite.com…Hardwood flooring that fits!
Young Living Essential Oils Distributor #759374
Universal Biosensors “Sentia” (Booth 431 ) 
Receive 2 free vials of test strips (Free so2 or Malic Acid) with a device purchase.
Waterloo Container (Booth 512) 
2 FREE colors on any 4 Pallet Print job
(Freight is NOT included and they can only use the promotion One Time)
Wine Management Systems – PROCESS2WINE (Booth 822) 
“Come by booth #822 to meet the Process2Wine team and register for their Freemium version. Anyone who registers for the Freemium at the booth will receive special pricing when they choose to sign up for the basic or standard vineyard or winery management software versions.” 
wine-n-gear (Booth 821) 
wine-n-gear is offering a show only discount of 10% off current prices for all orders placed in 2022.  Requires order confirmation by December 31st, 2022. Inquire at Booth 821