Ed Lutjens


After managing a small cooperage, Ed meandered into winemaking through Bluet’s Maine wild blueberry sparkling wines. Under the guidance of founders Michael Terrien and Eric Martin, Ed has managed growth from 250 cases in 2017 to 4,000 in 2021. While Bluet is one of Maine’s biggest wine producers, exploring wine from wild blueberries is still in its infancy.  With over 6,000 identified varieties, from field to field and farm to farm, the varietal character is amazing! With a 100-ton harvest in 2020, Ed and Bluet are striving to positively affect the Maine blueberry industry and to influence further appreciation of this 10,000 year old native fruit. Bluet is releasing its first appellations in 2022.

W01b | Panel & Tasting: Berry Fruit Wines