2017 EWE “Lifetime Achievement” Award Given to the Forests of Buckingham Valley Vineyards, PA

March 22, 2017
2017 EWE “Lifetime Achievement” Award Given to the Forests of Buckingham Valley Vineyards, PA

SYRACUSE, NY—The 2017 annual Lifetime Achievement Award was presented at the Eastern Winery Exposition’s celebration dinner on March 22nd to Jerry and Kathy Forest of Buckingham Valley Vineyards in southeastern Pennsylvnia.

Their first permanent planting of 10 acres was planted in 1968. Wine production was less than 1,000 to start but rose to 30,000 gallons 30 years later, and a great deal more currently.

“We started a vineyard in 1966 with the goal of growing grapes, making wine, and living happily ever after. We’re still working on the ‘ever after’ part,” says the proprietor. “In just fifty short years we turned a $2,000 investment into a multi-million dollar business. Now with three generations involved.”

He explained, “Our winery philosophy is to make a limited amount of consistently good wine and offer it at a reasonable price, in a warm and friendly atmosphere.” They sell only direct to consumers, no distributors, delivery, state stores, supermarkets or restaurants. “That’s by design; the profit margin is just not there,” he says.

Looking back on the past 50 years, he reflects “What’s not to enjoy? We have no boss, no budgets or quotas, the business is highly automated, profitable and debt-free, and we get to work with and spend time with our children and grandchildren. We are all deeply involved in our community and other interests.”

Jerry has always been willing to help his industry colleagues by speaking at EWE and other industry events, and his commitment to the larger community is shown by his serving on the EWE conference advisory board.

His personal philosophy? “Happiness is a journey, not a destination” (anonymous), and “ A man’s gotta know his limitations” (Dirty Harry Callahan).

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