Greg La Follette

​​Winemaker and Partner

Greg is a co-proprietor and co-winegrower, along with Kevin Lee, at GLF and Marchelle (a blend of their wives’ names, Mara & Michelle) Wines. Greg has traveled the world, establishing vineyards and wineries on all but two continents, and amassing a number of “best of” awards along the way. His is an extraordinary and storied career, beginning with mentorship by André Tchelistcheff at Beaulieu Vineyards, through successes in various forms with DeLoach, Flowers, Kendall Jackson, Steelhead and Tandem, to name just a few. He lives in Sonoma County and attributes his success to a blend of hard work, paying attention, and being intentional in his efforts. With six grown children, he is now helping to raise his and Mara’s two grandkids, as well as fielding family Sunday night dinners, which typically include more than a baker’s dozen of family and friends around the table. He humbly notes that the best use of his wine is at a similar table, where love through shared experience is the communion, oftentimes expressed in the wine shared by all.