Steve DiFrancesco


Steve became fascinated with wine while working in a restaurant during college. The owner retired while Steve was there and he became the wine specialist there. After Steve graduated with a BS in Plant Science from Stetson University, he moved to the Finger Lakes and has since enjoyed 41 harvests, and many gallons of wine have passed under his nose.

Steve worked with Guy DeVaux and Charles Fournier at Gold Seal Vineyards, with their excellent sparkling wines, from the late ‘70’s to the mid ‘80s. He then worked with high quality barrel aged red hybrids at Bully Hill Vineyards. He was an assistant winemaker at Glenora in the late ‘80s, as part of an ambitious expansion program with an emphasis on Sparkling Wines. He then became winemaker at Lucas Vineyards in the early ‘90s, and helped expand production in high quality still and sparkling wines. Steve returned to Glenora in 1995 as winemaker and has helped expand its reputation and production. In 2000 the owners of Glenora purchased Knapp Vineyards, and Steve was responsible for winemaking at both properties until 2015. He is now responsible for Glenora only. Riesling is at the forefront of production, along with other aromatic white viniferas, sparkling wines, and red viniferas, as well as hybrids and natives.